SRS Petroleum performs the following services;

Tank and Pump
  • Cleaning, removal and disposal of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Cleaning and removal of Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Furnish and install Underground and Aboveground Petroleum Tanks
  • Furnish and install jet fuel piping systems
  • Furnish and install gasoline piping systems
  • Furnish and install fuel oil piping systems
  • Furnish and install concrete pump islands
  • Furnish and install concrete tank and island mats
  • Furnish and install tank and Veeder Root monitoring system
  • Furnish and install conduit and wire for MPD's, submersible pumps and various lighting package
  • Furnish and install convenience store power panels, lighting, and fire safety systems
  • Furnish and install wiring for fire suppression systems
  • Installation of fuel management systems including the Wayne and Gilbarco Systems
  • Installation of canopy lighting systems
  • Installation of yard lighting systems
Site Development
  • Demolition of existing gas stations, convenience stores, and canopies
  • Demolition of foundations, paving and concrete
  • Installation of new foundations for buildings, canopies, signage and lighting
  • Installation of utilities services including water, sewer and gas
  • Installation of on site drainage systems including the Cultec systems
  • Installation of curbing and sidewalks
  • Installation of asphalt paving
SRS Petroleum Services
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